Top 5 best cancer hospitals in the United States for Indian patients

cancer treatment

We always search for certain types of information on the internet and when it comes to health and fitness, the search is never ending. The countless surfing and curiosity sometimes leads us to dilemma and confusion, because the internet has tons of results displayed in front of us. When it comes to questions related to […]

How should we prepare for Pandemic?

People are more scared than ever as the new variant of the COVID 19 has entered the market, because the previous wave took a huge toll on them. We never know when the variant will knock on our door and infect the entire country, as previous variants have done. We were unaware of the unfortunate […]

XXB.1.5, The new COVID variant in India

After years of people keeping up with COVID-19 virus, which doesn’t seem to end and has stuck like a common cold, Omicron entered the market, causing fear in everyone’s heart. While researchers and specialists warned us about a COVID variant discovered, virologist Eric Feigl Ding stated that a new recombination strain XBB.1.5, will be the […]

Some of the common medical conditions

People suffer from a variety of ailments. It could be a cold, a cough, a sore throat, or something else. These are some of the most prevalent health problems, yet most individuals do not take them seriously. However, it is preferable to be aware of some simple cures. The following is a list of common […]

How can we get medical solutions at home?

Healthcare services are available not only in hospitals but also in the comfort of one’s own home. This is done because the patient is unable to be transferred to the hospital or because the patient requires continual care that can be provided at home. There are several home services available depending on the type of […]

Does the healthcare system cost more in India?

People from all over the world have always been drawn to India as a cultural hotspot. The country has consistently strived to improve in many sectors, including infrastructure, roads, schools, and financial stability. However, India is still lagging in terms of developing a stronger infrastructure for hospitals and healthcare system, even though the country is […]

Best ways to keep ourselves healthy and fit

Life is similar to a roller coaster ride. Whether in the workplace or in terms of health and fitness. Being healthy and fit is a crucial component of life, and one must adopt all advice and procedures to address all health-related issues. This period of life has made it impossible for people to keep physically […]

Surrogacy & Hinduism

Surrogacy & Hinduism

Different religions take different approaches to surrogacy, often related to their stances on assisted reproductive technology in general. As India and other countries with large Hindu populations with surrogacy getting common and less stigmatized as celebrities openly opted for surrogacy, numerous questions have been raised regarding whether or not surrogacy conflicts with the Hindu religion. While Hindu scholars have not debated […]

Normalizing an Anomaly that is Surrogacy

Jim and Brenda have been happily married for three years and are planning to have a family. Brenda conceives, and they both are very happy that they will have a family, but alas, a miscarriage happens. Despite trying multiple times, Jim and Brenda are not blessed with a child. In a traumatic state, the couple consults […]