Fibromyalgia- Its causes and symptoms


Fibromyalgia is a chronic disorder that causes muscle and soft tissue pain, tiredness, and tenderness. It is a neurological system disorder that affects how the brain processes pain signals, resulting in greater sensitivity to pain. Fibromyalgia patients may also experience a variety of additional symptoms, such as sleep disorders, headaches, and cognitive issues. Fibromyalgia is […]



Osteoarthritis is a common type of arthritis, affecting approximately 80% of people who are the age above 55 years or older. 60% of them have asymptomatic osteoarthritis.  It is a form of degenerative joint disease characterised by the degradation and eventual loss of joint cartilage. Cartilage is a robust, flexible tissue that cushions bone ends […]

Heart attack- the silent disease in women

heart attack in women

You may have heard about male heart attacks. It is said to be the most frequent type of sickness that affects men due to multiple risk factors, but did you know that women are also affected by this condition? Women are increasingly suffering from heart attack. Yet, they are unable to address the issue since […]

Sclerosis and its types


Sclerosis refers to the hardness or thickening of tissue in the body. It can manifest itself in a variety of organs and tissues, including the skin, blood vessels, and neurological system. Sclerosis can cause neurological symptoms such as muscle weakness, numbness, and trouble with coordination when it affects the nerve system. Multiple sclerosis (MS) is […]

Hepatitis-its types


Hepatitis is a viral infection that causes liver inflammation. It can range from a little disease that lasts a few weeks to a serious, life-long condition that can cause liver damage, cancer, or even death. The virus can spread by blood, sperm, vaginal fluids, and other bodily fluids.   The infection can be caused by one […]

Viral disease-Its types

People are affected with various types of diseases. Some are treatable while some last for a lifetime. One of the common types of disease we will go through in this article is viral disease.  A viral disease is a form of illness caused by a virus. Viruses are microscopic infectious pathogens that can only multiply […]

Boston’s children’s hospital

Boston Children's hospital

Boston Children’s Hospital is a world-renowned pediatric medical hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, located in the United States, founded in 1869. It is a Harvard Medical School teaching hospital and one of the major pediatric medical centers in the United States. Boston Children’s Hospital is committed to providing specialized care for children with complicated medical issues, […]

Mayo clinic

mayo clinic

The Mayo Clinic is one of the world’s most known healthcare facilities. Mayo Clinic, which was founded in Rochester, Minnesota and is over 159 years old, has developed into a global organisation with sites and facilities across the United States, including Arizona, Florida, and Wisconsin. The mission of Mayo Clinic to offer the finest quality […]

Paediatric conditions. What are they?


Paediatric conditions are a broad category of illnesses that affect newborns and children. Some of these occur seldom, while others arise immediately after birth. When we hear of diseases or problems affecting children, we immediately think of colds, flu, fevers, rashes, and so on. We are not entirely wrong, but there are other significant paediatric […]

How do environmental factors affect our health?

We’ve all heard that most individuals die from chronic diseases or catastrophic disasters. But did you know that environmental challenges also kill people? Indeed, we’re talking about the environment, which is riddled with heaps of pollution and hazardous substances in the air, and this is the same air we breathe all day. One may believe […]