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Does the healthcare system cost more in India?


People from all over the world have always been drawn to India as a cultural hotspot. The country has consistently strived to improve in many sectors, including infrastructure, roads, schools, and financial stability. However, India is still lagging in terms of developing a stronger infrastructure for hospitals and health care systems, even though the country is deemed to have vast healthcare services. With nearly 15000 deaths during the pandemic, Indians can ill afford better treatment in their own nation. 

According to study officials, India’s huge healthcare system lacks sufficient equipment and resources in the medical profession, and facilities that do have these necessities are out of reach for the general public. Unlike in the United States, where you can receive medical insurance to pay the expenditures, insurance here is more expensive than typical.

Furthermore, many hospitals and healthcare providers see hospitals as profit centres where patients must pay more for a single consultant. India has been dubbed the “world’s pharmacy,” yet it is still prohibitively expensive. Over 63% of Indians pay out of their own pockets, which is higher than in some of the poorest countries.

Indians spend the most on medicines, followed by hospitalisation. Not to mention, certain drugs are brand patented, which means they are not branded or authorised by any professional. Essentially, ordinary people jeopardise their health by using unbranded medications.

Because of poor financial incentives, public sector hospitals offer trust concerns when combined with unsanitary conditions and doctor absence. Considering all of the aforementioned concerns regarding India’s healthcare system, we can conclude that the country is still far from having a proper and trustworthy healthcare system.

Many medical services from reputable companies have stepped forward in recent years to address these concerns, allowing consumers to receive the treatment they require from the greatest specialists. MediPocket! is one of the services we’re discussing. This cross-border care technology offers services such as US treatment, second opinions from doctors, and many others. This means that people in India can get treated at home without having to fly to the United States. MediPocket visions for better treatment service and an affordable one for all the people around India.

 So, let go of your anxieties and worries about your health and put your trust in MediPocket.    Our vision is to provide exceptional care for you by linking you to the top specialist in the US.


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Telehealth Consent Form

  1. I hereby authorize Health Care Services to use the telehealth practice platform for telecommunication for evaluating, testing and diagnosing my medical condition.
  2. I understand that technical difficulties may occur before or during the telehealth sessions and my appointment cannot be started or ended as intended.
  3. I accept that the professionals can contact interactive sessions with video call; however, I am informed that the sessions can be conducted via regular voice communication if the technical requirements such as internet speed cannot be met.
  4. I understand that my current insurance may not cover the additional fees of the telehealth practices and I may be responsible for any fee that my insurance company does not cover.
  5. I agree that my medical records on telehealth can be kept for further evaluation, analysis and documentation, and in all of these, my information will be kept private.

Benefits Of It

A medical second opinion gives you a new perspective, confidence, peace of mind on the health situation at hand. It provides clarity and options on current course of treatment. At times there can be several ways to treat a specific condition. Now you can access a second opinion from the best USA hospitals in the world without the need of flying and spending a fortune

When You Need It

  • Your diagnosis is unclear

  • You’re not responding to a treatment as expected

  • Doctor mentions the following words: Rare, Life-Threatening or Risky

  • You’ve lost confidence in your medical care provider

Second Opinion

The opinion of a doctor other than the patient’s current doctor is Second Opinion. The second doctor reviews the patient’s medical records and gives an opinion about the patient’s health problem, diagnosis and how it should be treated.


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