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Down syndrome


Our bodies’ chromosomes aid in development and function during pregnancy and after birth. But what if a person has an extra chromosome? This results in Down syndrome.

What is Down Syndrome?

Everyone is aware that a baby is born with 46 chromosomes. When chromosome 21 has an extra chromosome, the baby is born with down syndrome. The baby with this condition may face physical and mental challenges. They speak and act slowly, have a moderate IQ, may struggle to socialise with others, and so on.

Its characteristic 

Down syndrome has the following characteristics:

  • Face has been flattened
  • slender neck
  • Ears that are too small
  • Eyes in the shape of an almond
  • Iris microspots
  • A tongue protruding from the mouth
  • Short stature with low muscle tone.


The following are the different types of down syndrome:

  • Trisomy 21:Trisomy 21 affects 95% of people, and each cell has three separate copies of chromosomes instead of two.
  • Translocation down syndrome:Translocation down syndrome, which affects only 3% of people, occurs when chromosome 21 is attached to another chromosome rather than being a separate one.
  • Mosaic down syndrome: It is possible that some cells, but not all, have extra copies of chromosomes, similar to a mixture or combination. This condition is known as mosaic down syndrome, and it affects only 2% of the population. Because of the mix of normal and extra copies, babies may have fewer symptoms.

As we know, the cause is an extra chromosome on chromosome 21. Aside from that, women who give birth after the age of 35 are at risk. Unfortunately, this condition is incurable and cannot be treated.

Nearly 6000 babies in the United States are affected by Down syndrome, and over one million in India.

The therapist and diagnostic doctors that can take care of this syndrome are less in number. Hence why, we, MediPocket world, will ensure that every other child born with down syndrome in India will be taken care of. Our specialists from the world’s top leading hospitals are with us in this journey of providing sustainable healthcare directly from the United States. Register now.


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