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Down syndrome- India’s opinion


India is a vast country full of people from various cultures. Colours, food, festivals, and people differ from region to region, but Indian minds function similarly. In their own minds, their perspectives on certain issues are similar. Like their take on Down syndrome.

Down syndrome affects approximately 30,000 to 35,000 children in India and is still considered taboo in some parts of the country. Children born with this condition face a lot of discrimination and social stigma, as well as inattention and inadequate medical care. This topic is rarely discussed, and it is past time for people to accept this condition as a part of their healthcare.

Reason for discrimination

The reason for the social stigma and discrimination against people with Down syndrome in India is due to standards. We, as Indians, expect everyone else to be well-functioning and well-built, which are qualities that people with this syndrome lack. This standard has failed to raise awareness and is now regarded as a health concern.

Not to mention the education system in India, which forbids discussing Down syndrome. Many students and parents are unaware of the condition, and those who suffer from it are mostly invisible to the majority of people. They are frequently discriminated against by being denied admission to school and being denied the opportunity to socialise with other children. This has become the norm in many parts of the country. The only thing that people with Down syndrome want is proper infrastructure as well as respect and care from others.

What other countries are doing?

Countries such as the United States are far more advanced in terms of including this type of condition on the list of critical conditions to be addressed. The country has declared March 21st to be World Down Syndrome Day. This is to raise awareness about the condition in other countries and to treat people with this condition as one.

Even before the baby is born, health professionals in the United States screen for the possibility of the condition. This way, the parents can prepare for the worst-case scenario and learn about the syndrome in order to provide a proper infrastructure for their child. The specialists are well-trained and experienced in their fields. As a result, they understand the needs and treatment that people require. These qualities and facilities are desperately needed in the Indian healthcare system so that every other child with Down syndrome can feel looked after and cared for.

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