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Down syndrome- is it common?


Down syndrome is a type of condition that affects both the life of the parents and the child who has it. Many nations, including India, have yet to acknowledge this syndrome as a problem with healthcare. However, the statistics indicate that more kids are being born now with down syndrome than in earlier years. More than 1 million people have born with this condition, even in India. The question has arisen in the minds of healthcare professionals due to the increase in cases in other nations, such as the US. Why is down syndrome so prevalent despite the fact that many doctors test pregnant women for the condition?

Prenatal screening process

The screening procedure is just the prenatal screening carried out throughout pregnancy to look for any potential genetic defects in the babies. Because it may quickly identify any type of abnormality, including down syndrome, prenatal screening has been extremely advanced and innovative. Additionally, these tests are performed so that parents can be ready for any health issues. In the United States, many women have the option to end their pregnancies if they learn their unborn child has the said syndrome. Despite the fact that abortion rates are high, the number of children being born with the condition is constantly rising.

The reason 

  • The majority of down syndrome newborns are born to Hispanic mothers, who also maintain their babies for longer periods of time than other ethnic groups.
  • As the nations change and more people accept the predicament as a normal one, women decide to not terminate the pregnancy and keep the child.
  • A lack of advanced screening procedures in nations like India may prevent women from being aware of any genetic abnormalities. Additionally, some nations have outlawed the procedure, which has decreased the number of abortions.

According to study, the changing perception of down syndrome in society may be the main cause of the increase in incidence. Women are more likely to raise the child with the same syndrome without any problems since society is more accepting of children with this syndrome and when the government raises awareness of it.
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