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How does cancer start?


Our bodies include numerous cells that multiply based on their function. The damaged or dead cells are replaced automatically by new ones. This continues, but what happens when a faulty cell begins to multiply randomly and incessantly? It will create a cluster, which is referred to as a malignant tumour.

Cancer is unpredictable since it can begin anywhere in our body, despite the fact that our bodies are made up of trillions of cells. When injured cells are divided instead of dying, the usual cycle of old cells dying and new cells replacing them is disrupted.

The injured cell that has multiplied has the ability to migrate to different places of the body and produce new tumours. Below are some of the facts mentioned about cancer cells.

Facts about cancer cells

  • Cancer cells proliferate when there are no signals telling them to. Cells, like our other body parts, get signals regarding the growth cycle.
  • Cells are also signalled to stop proliferating and die, but in the case of cancer, this signal is also ignored, resulting in the creation of clusters of damaged cells.
  • The immune system eliminates any damaged or aberrant cells. Cancer cells conceal themselves from the immune system in order to avoid being removed. Cancer cells can also fool the immune system into protecting them rather than killing them.
  • Blood veins provide oxygen and nourishment to other organs, and the tumour can do the same. This eventually causes the tumour to grow larger.
  • Cancer cells, like all cells, rely on nourishment to grow and get stronger.

Cancer development

Cancer can arise in a variety of ways and at various times. Cancer is thought to be a hereditary illness produced by alterations in the genes that control the activity of our cells. Some changes can occur as a result of cell division faults, DNA damage produced by extremely toxic substances in the environment, or inheritance.

Our bodies have the ability to destroy damaged cells, but in certain people, the immune system may become weak, resulting in malignant cells remaining in the body indefinitely. The cancer separates from the site where it has developed and goes to other places of the body to form a new tumour.

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