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How should we prepare for Pandemic?


People are more scared than ever as the new variant of the COVID 19 has entered the market, because the previous wave took a huge toll on them. We never know when the variant will knock on our door and infect the entire country, as previous variants have done. We were unaware of the unfortunate events during the first wave and had little time to prepare. We can, however, prevent further disasters because we have a vague idea of what a COVID wave looks like. There are some tips and tricks to implement so that we are prepared for any type of event that may occur.

Tips to prepare for the Pandemic

The reason for the preparations is that the country could enter quarantine at any time due to the new COVID variant. During the first and second waves, people were unaware of this and were trapped at home with no resources, and sick people were trapped at home with no proper foods or medications. As a result, these tips can help you prepare for any unfortunate events.

Vaccine dosage 

First and foremost, avoid becoming infected. You can accomplish this by administering COVID vaccine doses as soon as they become available in your state. Keep an eye out for new vaccines offered by the government, as they may be better than the previous one.

Disinfecting home

Sanitising your home is an important step after taking care of yourself. COVID spreads through items that have been touched by numerous people. As more people live in a house, the likelihood of becoming infected increases. Sanitising homes twice a day with disinfectants can help, and the most important part is to sanitise yourself before leaving and entering the house.

Mask and sanitiser 

Always keep masks and sanitizers on hand and bring them with you wherever you go. Wear a mask and sanitise before and after going anywhere to avoid contamination. Wearing a mask may seem unwelcome, but it is necessary because viruses can enter through the air.


Medicine is always an important item that should be included in a resource list. You never know when you’ll become ill, and pharmacies are closed during the quarantine. In the aid box, medicines for common colds, cough syrup, headache pills, and so on should be stacked. Along with medicines, devices like thermometer, oximeter, rapid antigen test should also be included.

Emergency contact list

Always plan ahead of time for any unexpected events. Make an emergency contact list so that you can call them to look after your children and pets if you need to go to the hospital. Only important phone numbers should be included on the emergency contact list.

The following are the tips to prepare for the pandemic. By preparing beforehand, we can avoid struggling and hustling during the pandemic. 

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