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Every other hospital has different units, each based on the level of critical care a patient requires. Whether it is due to a traumatic injury, an accident, or a stroke. Some hospitals have Intensive Therapy Units (ITU), Critical Services Units (CCU), and so on, but the care, machinery, and medications varies.

Difference between ICU and CCU

Although there is little distinction between ICU and CCU, certain hospitals may have two separate units. The first is the critical care unit, which is comparable to an intensive care unit in that it focuses on delivering the finest care possible with skilled physicians. Most patients are monitored for the appropriate amount of time based on their condition. They can keep an eye on the patient’s condition thanks to advanced devices.

In other hospitals, CCU stands for Cardiac Critical Unit, and it is where people with major cardiac problems or those recovering from heart surgery are treated and cared for. The Cardiac Critical Unit is equipped with highly specialised machines and the top cardiac specialists. When a patient does not require 24-hour critical care, they are transferred to another room in the hospital.

Despite the fact that each unit has various treatment procedures and physicians, they are all the same. They both focus on delivering critical care and monitoring patients throughout the day. The same device is sometimes used to monitor the patients.

Some of them include,

  • Monitor equipment to Keep an eye on the heart rate, breathing system, and blood pressure.
  • Catheters and intravenous lines for hydration and drug administration.
  • To check the pulse, use a pulse oximeter.
  • In the event of kidney failure, a dialysis machine is used.
  • Portable X-ray machine for taking x-rays of the patient on occasion.
  • Electrocardiogram and cardiac ultrasound machines are used to check the heart on a regular basis.
  • These units also incorporate a temperature management system, ventilators, and a blood gas analyzer.

Some well-known hospitals include sophisticated technologies that can assist doctors in gaining a better knowledge of a patient’s condition.

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Telehealth Consent Form

  1. I hereby authorize Health Care Services to use the telehealth practice platform for telecommunication for evaluating, testing and diagnosing my medical condition.
  2. I understand that technical difficulties may occur before or during the telehealth sessions and my appointment cannot be started or ended as intended.
  3. I accept that the professionals can contact interactive sessions with video call; however, I am informed that the sessions can be conducted via regular voice communication if the technical requirements such as internet speed cannot be met.
  4. I understand that my current insurance may not cover the additional fees of the telehealth practices and I may be responsible for any fee that my insurance company does not cover.
  5. I agree that my medical records on telehealth can be kept for further evaluation, analysis and documentation, and in all of these, my information will be kept private.

Benefits Of It

A medical second opinion gives you a new perspective, confidence, peace of mind on the health situation at hand. It provides clarity and options on current course of treatment. At times there can be several ways to treat a specific condition. Now you can access a second opinion from the best USA hospitals in the world without the need of flying and spending a fortune

When You Need It

  • Your diagnosis is unclear

  • You’re not responding to a treatment as expected

  • Doctor mentions the following words: Rare, Life-Threatening or Risky

  • You’ve lost confidence in your medical care provider

Second Opinion

The opinion of a doctor other than the patient’s current doctor is Second Opinion. The second doctor reviews the patient’s medical records and gives an opinion about the patient’s health problem, diagnosis and how it should be treated.


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