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Is US the best place for surrogacy


Surrogacy is a modern phenomenon that is growing in popularity among the younger generation. Couples struggling with infertility or women wanting to focus on their careers have chosen this process and created a lovely family. While most countries around the world have normalised this process and passed laws to protect surrogates and couples’ rights, it is always beneficial for everyone to proceed from a country that can offer a better treatment and solution regarding infertility and surrogacy, and our recommendation for the best country would be the United States.

Why the United states?

The United States provides better fertility treatment than the other countries. From egg screening to surrogate care during the gestational period, any fertility clinic in the United States has more expertise in this process and focuses on satisfying both parties. America has better clinics, treatment, gynaecologists, and legal procedures that ensure the protection of both parties. Of course, these are the reasons why international parents choose America.

Legal procedure

Before proceeding with surrogacy, it is recommended that you have a lawyer on your side to handle all legal procedures. A contract between the surrogate and the couple with fair legal agreements on both sides. Each surrogacy contract is unique with  the same motive of providing legal rights to both the parties. The United States takes care of these legal procedures smoothly without any hustle.

Parental rights

Even after birth, the US system facilitates surrogacy. The surrogate, the couple, and any other witness or guardian who is available with the surrogate will sign a birth order, which will be filed by the lawyer. The birth order is issued to give the couple full parental rights to the child, and they are listed as the child’s parents on the birth certificate. This is the same process for international parents, as any child born in the United States is entitled to a US passport with limited visa and travel restrictions, allowing them to return to their home country without difficulty.

As a result of the preceding article, we can understand why the United States is the best country. Entering parenthood with a different and unique approach may appear to be a difficult situation, but the outcome is well worth it. MediPocket is always available to women who are experiencing fertility issues and require surrogacy advice. MediPocket connects all women in India to the best gynaecologists in the United States, who will provide them with all necessary treatments and care. Remember to visit MediPocket’s website for more information.


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