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Pancreatic cancer

Do you know cancers can appear even at the pancreas? The organ which is located below the stomach can be damaged because of the cancerous cell, also known as pancreatic cancer. Many countries have rising cases of this type of cancer, including India.

The estimated number of cases in northern India is said to be 5-7 women per 100,000 and 0.7 per 100,000 in southern India, as this cancer affects women the most. Uttar pradesh, Bihar, Orissa, west bengal are the top states that have the most number of cases. It is said that the rates of new cases will increase in the upcoming years. With a population of 1.8 million people, the ratio of oncologists in India is 1:2000, and only the top 25 doctors are best in treating the disease.

The reason

The initial reason for the increase of pancreatic cancer is because of the excessive consumption of alcohol. The toxic substances damage the pancreas and disrupt the mutation of cells. Cigarette smoking is another addictive habit that can convert some pancreatic cells into cancerous ones. 

Food rich in cholesterol and fat, processed meat increases the risk of cancer up to 30-50% of them. Obesity and physical inactivity are also included in the risk factors for cancer.

Now, let us learn about pancreatic cancer and its symptoms.

What is pancreatic cancer?

Pancreatic cancer begins in the pancreas, which is located beneath the stomach. This cancer begins in pancreatic tissue. Many things can grow in the pancreas, an organ responsible for digestion and hormone production to keep blood sugar stable. Cancer cells start at the lining of the ducts that carry digestive enzymes out of the pancreas.

Pancreatic cancer is classified into two types: exocrine and neuroendocrine tumours. It is estimated that 93% of cancers are exocrine, with adenocarcinoma being the most common. The remaining 7% are neuroendocrine tumours (NETs).

Pancreatic cancer is curable if caught early, but the diagnosis rate for this disease is low. 


The following are some cancer symptoms:

  • Pain in the abdomen
  • Appetite loss
  • The skin is turning yellow.
  • Urine with a dark appearance
  • Itching skin
  • Diabetes, blood clots, light-coloured stools, and so on

It is preferable to be on the lookout for any symptoms and to consult with an oncologist as soon as they appear.

As people suffering from cancer search for options that can provide them better treatment. With little to no facilities and limited oncologist present, the best option would be getting the desired treatment from the other country, and that country can be United States

Why the US for the treatment of pancreatic cancer?

The United States has the best equipment and facilities to facilitate diagnosis and treatment. Of course, this year’s cancer survival rate is said to be 12%.The oncologists in the United States are of the highest calibre and have extensive experience. Medication, treatment methods, and hospital facilities are all chosen to provide a better treatment experience for cancer patients. While some people will not be able to receive this type of treatment, global digitization has made the process easier with the MedPocket world, a cross border care service that aims to provide premium healthcare directly from the US.

The mission of MediPocket World is to connect the best oncologists in the United States with the people of India. The main goal of this cross-border care service is to provide treatment to all Indian citizens, and world’s top leading hospitals such as Cleveland Clinic, MD Anderson Cancer Center, John Hopkins, and others have joined us on this journey.

Of course. We have a second opinion service for the people wanting a better insight on cancer.  The second opinion makes it easier for the patients to have a thorough and better understanding of the treatment they need and even provide alternate methods to cure this disease. Isn’t it better to solve your worries and concerns by consulting with the top oncologist from the United States? 

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