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Risk factors of cardiac disease


Heart disease is always unpredictable, and the risk factors involved are unchangeable. We are so caught up in our regular lives that we forget about the state of our hearts, which might lead to unforeseen events. It is always beneficial to understand the cause of any heart disease and how to treat it at an early stage.

According to cardiology experts, the following are risk factors for heart disease.


The first is the most common element, which is a person’s age. As people age, their hearts and other organs weaken. The arteries of the heart constrict, deteriorate, and weaken with age, resulting in a limited supply of blood to the heart.

Family history

Doctors always request a family history because many diseases are hereditary in nature. That is also true for heart illnesses. If any of the parents or siblings experienced coronary artery disease at a young age, the condition is likely to be passed along to their children.


The most dangerous cause of coronary artery disease is smoking. Tobacco contains chemicals that damage the arteries. Smokers are more likely to have a heart attack. To avoid future issues, it is advised to quit smoking as soon as possible.


The main cause of cardiac illnesses is a diet heavy in fat, salt, sugar, and cholesterol. Fats and cholesterol clog the arteries, limiting the delivery of blood and oxygen to the heart.

Blood pressure

Normal blood pressure is required to prevent artery damage during blood delivery. Both high and low blood pressure can cause arteries to harden and thicken. These can cause a disruption in blood flow to the heart.


It is said that exercise is a necessary element of life. Exercise and training can burn extra calories and lipids while also preventing heart blockage. Obesity and other cardiac disorders can be exacerbated by inactivity.


Stress is a natural part of life, but excessive stress can harm the heart. High blood pressure can be caused by stress, causing artery damage.

The risk factors stated above are all related to the heart. By keeping an eye out for these aspects, one can avoid them by using easy tips and tactics. Subscribing to the MediPocket is the solution for anyone who wants to consult about their heart disease difficulties. A top cardiologist from the United States will be assigned to you in order to address your worries and questions concerning the disease.


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