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surrogacy and India


Surrogacy is the process of inserting sperm into a woman’s womb artificially, and the woman, as a surrogate, delivers and hands the baby over to the couple who chose this technique. Surrogacy is used when a couple is infertile or to avoid a career disruption due to pregnancy. The process is time-consuming and expensive, but it is well worth it in the end.

While it is widely practised in other countries, India is lagging behind in accepting this process, and those who are open to it face opposition. This may sound cliche and backward, but it is the truth. Westernised culture is not permitted in India, according to Indians, because the country is culturally rich. Surrogacy, according to Indian beliefs, is a Western cultural practice that mocks the traditional method of becoming pregnant.

Many Indian celebrities have embraced and implemented this process in their lives, but have received similar amounts of criticism from the netizens. Indians value their country’s culture, but they value their traditional ethics even more. They believe that involving a third party in this process renders the child illegitimate and prefer the traditional reproductive method.most of the Indians want a heir that is genetically related to them, and in surrogacy, male sperms are inserted in the surrogate mothers egg, so she is considered as biological mother.  This is the real reason why surrogacy is a taboo subject in India. 

It makes no difference why a couple chooses surrogacy or why any woman would be willing to carry another person’s baby for 9 months. They have their own reasons.

Why surrogacy?

Surrogacy is an option for women who are infertile, have an illness that could be harmful during pregnancy, or want to focus on their career. They have no choice but to select this option. While they may face some criticism along the way, it is ultimately their choice.

Who are the surrogates?

Couples pay surrogates throughout the trimester and delivery process, many women with no other means of income choose this method of earning and to help the couple with their concerns. In India, the central government passed a regulation act stating that surrogates should be cared for and paid until the gestational period of 10 months. Any couple who chooses this method must abide by the law and follow the legal procedures.

It is past time for every other Indian citizen to accept this practise and allow women to make their own body decisions. As we discuss the normalisation of surrogacy and fertility issues, MediPocket has made it easier for Indian women to consult with the best gynaecologist in the United States. MediPocket solves your problem by providing you with exceptional care with just one click. Visit our website to find out more.


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