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Surrogacy and its facts


Every other woman’s dream is to become pregnant. They want to build a beautiful family and wish to grow old with them. For people who are infertile, this dream is destroyed. Most women lose hope in these situations, and some seek alternative methods of becoming pregnant. Surrogacy is one method. 

A woman who carries a child for a couple and delivers the baby for them is known as a surrogate, and the woman is known as a surrogate mother. This process is frequently started with an agreement and legal procedures for both parties.

Surrogacy is a taboo phrase in certain nations because it involves another person having another woman’s kid, although some countries prefer this practice.It should be mentioned that surrogacy is performed not only for infertile women, but also for celebrities and career women who wish to focus on their work, as well as for women suffering from any type of ailment.

There are various facts about surrogacy that we shall address in the next post.

Surrogates can be anyone

It makes no difference who the surrogate is; 

as long as they are fit and healthy for the stages of trimester, they can be a suitable surrogate. A surrogate mother can be a close friend of the couple or a complete stranger to them; in either case, all they want is a healthy baby.

Surrogacy contracts

Of course, documents must be signed before proceeding with the surrogacy. The legal contracts differ based on the states and countries in which the couple and surrogate live. It is usually beneficial to research the rules and regulations governing surrogacy in order to avoid any complications throughout the delivery/labour process. A lawyer is always suggested when it comes to defending the interests of both parties.

Two types of surrogates

Surrogates are typically divided into two types. A male sperm is intentionally implanted in the surrogate’s egg, after which she delivers the baby and hands it over to the couple. Because the eggs used are hers, the surrogate is referred to as the biological mother of the kid in this situation. 

In another example, the father’s sperm is used to fertilise the women’s eggs. The frozen embryo is subsequently implanted in the surrogate’s womb, a procedure known as gestational surrogacy. She is not regarded as a biological mother because the eggs fertilised are not from surrogates. Because of the genetic ties between the kid and the parents, this approach is commonly preferred.

Surrogacy will cost

Proceeding with the surrogacy will cost the parents a fortune, and the cost does not stop there. From the careful screening of the parents and surrogates to the care of the surrogate to the labour time, everything costs a fortune. Countries such as India have made it lawful for parents to pay surrogates more than is customary.

As a result, the preceding article displays some well-known facts about surrogacy and surrogates. While many people in India do not have easy access to the surrogacy process, MediPocket makes it possible for you to do so. The cross-border care service connects Indian ladies to top gynaecologists in the United States to assist them with their concerns.

 Any woman can discuss her infertility concerns and receive the necessary treatment while sitting at home. Even if India is still not more accepting of surrogacy, it is past time to embrace this practice and make it the norm for all women across the country.


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