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XXB.1.5, The new COVID variant in India


After years of people keeping up with COVID-19 virus, which doesn’t seem to end and has stuck like a common cold, Omicron entered the market, causing fear in everyone’s heart. While researchers and specialists warned us about a COVID variant discovered, virologist Eric Feigl Ding stated that a new recombination strain XBB.1.5, will be the next big thing in the world. The omicron variant has confirmed the first case, while the number of infected people in New York is growing by the day. The first case was discovered in the city of Gujarat, and international scientists have identified this variant as the cause of the mass hospitalization in New York City.

XBB is a recombinant of two different Omicron BA.2 sub-variants. However, its descendant, XBB.1.5, is thought to have a more tightly bound ACE2 receptor. The XXB variant has made its way to Asia, including Singapore and China. In the United States, the percentage of cases is 3.6 of the total. The agency reports the data with two sub variants in different ways. Following the first case in Gujarat, the Maharashtra government is concentrating its efforts on keeping the subvariant out of the state. 

Authorities are doing their best to screen for the virus’s genetic footprints while also gathering new information about the XXB.1.5 variant, and the fact that the XXB variant has infected over 275 people is alarming itself . The XBB.1.5 variant is reported to be 108% faster than the previous BQ1 variant, but with more data from the US, the percentage has increased to 120%. The following is some information about the new variant.

The previous variants were known to be more evasive and faster than XXB.1.5. This is also one of the most effective variants for entering and invading human cells. Needless to say, this results in the infected person being hospitalised immediately.

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