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Bartholin cyst


An obstruction in a vaginal bartholin gland is referred to as a bartholin’s cyst. The blockage then causes a lump, which can cause irritation, and pain while doing daily activities like walking, running, jogging etc. Over the time, the blockage can resolve on its own, but if the symptoms persist, it is advised to consult with an healthcare expert

Near the vaginal opening, there are vaginal lips or labia. The bartholin cyst, also known as vulvar cyst, occurs at the sides of the labia. This cyst is named after the bartholin glands, two tiny glands that create a lubricating fluid for the vagina. When the bartholin glands are blocked, the cyst typically develops. The mucus that accumulates owing to obstruction becomes lumpy.

 It should be mentioned that an abscess develops if the cyst becomes contaminated with bacteria. Over 2% of women in the world are reported to have this cyst at some point in their lives, however for many, the risk of cyst development decreases after menopause.

Let’s examine this illness in depth and discover its causes and symptoms.


There are a few potential causes for this bartholin cyst, even though specialists are unsure of the specific reason for the cyst creation.

  • bacterial illnesses (like E.coli)
  • sexually transmitted diseases like chlamydia, gonorrhoea, etc.
  • extra skin development in the vulvar region of the vagina or in possible cases, injury.


Some people, as was previously indicated, won’t exhibit any symptoms unless the cyst becomes infected. The list below includes some of the common symptoms.

  • Fever
  • Redness
  • discomfort while performing daily tasks
  • flow from the cyst
  • The cyst’s size can increase, causing excruciating agony and pain.

The patients have a physical examination to determine the cyst’s size. For patients who are older than 40, a biopsy is performed to rule out malignancy. If the bartholin cyst was malignant, it had to be removed.
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