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Lung cancer

Lung cancer has been the type of cancer that is most common among the citizens of India. Even popular celebrities like Sanjay dutt, Sonali Bendre, Yuvraj Singh were not immune to this deadly disease. The number of cases is rising every day, considering the fact that the resources and facilities to diagnose the disease are not sufficient. 

Do you know the statistics of lung cancer in India and the number of population it affects?

From 2012 to 2016, the estimated number of cancer patients between these years is said to be 22,645, and by 2023,81,000 new cases can also be seen.

The reason

Tobacco and cigarettes are the initial reason for the rise in new cases every year. The toxic substances disrupt the usual function of the cells in lungs and damage the entire organ within no time. Tobacco sells like medications and drugs across the country and people continue to use it despite its consequences.

Misdiagnosis can be another reason for the rise in cases every year. Lack of facilities and infrastructure makes it difficult for the medical officials to find the exact diagnosis of the disease, and not to forget the number of oncologist experts in India. There are only 2000 oncologists for the population of 1 billion Indian Citizens. It is obvious that more than half of the population cannot have access to the facilities as well as consult with the best oncologist in their own country.

Now, let us learn about lung cancer and its types.

What is lung cancer?

Lung cancer is a type of cancer that affects the lungs. It is also known as carcinoma. The primary function of the lungs is to inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. The types of lung cancer are as follows,

Small cell lung cancer ( SCLC)

Small cell lung cancer spreads quickly in the body with little time between the diagnosis and the treatment. Approximately, 70% of people are affected by this type of cancer.

Chemotherapy and radiation therapy are used to treat this cancer, which works quickly but, in some cases, the cell returns.

Non-small cell lung cancer

Non-small cell lung cancer is another type of lung cancer (NSCLC). This type of cancer affects approximately 80% to 85% of people. Non-small cell lung cancers include adenocarcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and large cell carcinoma. Although the treatment for each type of cancer is somewhat similar, the disease begins in different types of lung cells.

While the treatment for this disease can be done at any place in India, getting a proper treatment is the main priority of any cancer suffering patient. Most of the people, including celebs, prefer to travel all the way to the United States and get their desired treatment done. Below is the reason for it.

Treatment for lung cancer in United States

The United States is said to have a better health-care system. Hospitals and experts have proven to excel in their field of diagnosing and treating patients using advanced technology and modern equipment. This cancer type affects approximately 230k Americans, which is a small number when compared to India. This demonstrates that oncologists in the United States are well-known for treating and diagnosing patients at an early stage. Furthermore, oncologists in the United States are experts in their field, making it more likely that patients will receive treatment as soon as possible. 

MediPocket World, a cross border care service is the solution for people who have concerns or questions about lung cancer and want to consult with a specialist.
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