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Mental health in India

Mental health

In India, mental health or mental distress is rarely discussed. The reasons behind this differ from state to state. Mental health, like surrogacy, is considered a taboo subject in India. Most people fail to convey their emotional pain since their opinions differ from others around them.

It is estimated that around 150 million Indians suffer from mental health issues and require quick assistance and care from experts. The Indian populace fails to see this problem, and something must be done to remedy it, because the future of the nation is in the hands of young people, and if they are not in a decent mental place, there is cause for concern.

There are numerous reasons why mental health disorders are not recognised. Even education centred on emotional suffering is given less attention in all professions. The main reason is social stigma.

Social stigma regarding Mental health

Anyone suffering from mental health issues is considered as a psychic, which is very different from sadness and anxiety. Because the societal stigma has extended throughout the country, people can scarcely seek any aid from experts. Therapy is the finest treatment for a depressed person. Therapists have the capacity to induce people to come out of their shells and talk about their problems, and if someone seeks the assistance of an expert, they may be suspected of being someone who should be locked away.

Less professionals

When it comes to professionals in India, the truth is that they are hard to come by. That is, licensed therapists are in short supply across the country. In India, it is estimated that 0.75 psychiatrists are present for every 100,000 patients. That is far too low in comparison to other countries.

 America has more therapists for each patient than ever before since they regard each citizen’s mental health more than ever. Every other mental health concern requires more skill and a more accurate diagnosis from a psychiatrist. If you are suffering from a mental health problem and require assistance, sign up for MediPocket world to receive assistance sooner. We will connect you with the top therapist in the United States so that you can simply resolve your difficulties.


The economy is also a major element that prevents people from opening a place of comfort for the people. The government has invested less than 1% in the facilities required for therapist clinics, and when someone experiencing mental distress struggles to cope, they do not have a place to turn for help. As a result, less investment in mental health services is thought to be another reason why India is currently lagging behind in giving assistance to sad people.

We can understand why India is not a better location for mental health based on the evidence presented above. If you are suffering from such an illness and desire better therapy, we will assist you. Subscribe to MediPocket and we will help you with your concerns.


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