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Artificial intelligence and healthcare system 


AI, or artificial intelligence, is a technology that can mimic human behaviour. That is, if they are thoroughly structured and programmed, they can work on all of the things that humans have done over the years. Global digitization and technological advancement have made it easier for everyone to work and handle all large projects without complications. While it is true that AI has changed every industry, it is also true that AI has changed every industry. To run the system without errors, extreme knowledge and expertise are required. Artificial intelligence is now being used in the healthcare system to benefit both patients and doctors.

Artificial intelligence in healthcare

Healthcare is said to be one of the most important sectors in terms of ensuring a productive and thriving society. With its functions, artificial intelligence in healthcare can make a significant difference. Because the healthcare system contains a large amount of data and other critical information, AI can easily input the data into its system and monitor for potential cyber security threats and vulnerabilities.

 Machine learning and other cognitive disciplines have simplified the diagnosis and treatment of patients. Patients may fail to receive necessary treatments at an early stage due to inaccuracy in reports and a lack of medical equipment. AI can not only diagnose any disease in a short period of time, but it can also assist doctors in their daily tasks.

AI in devices

AI systems are now available in mobile phones and devices that work in response to the owner’s commands. The AI symptom checker is the most recently updated version of AI in mobile. You can now enter your symptoms and the AI checker will find the diagnosis in a short period of time, without having to consult Google or a doctor. If you’re wondering where to find this feature, look no further than MediPocket world’s  app. These features will provide you with detailed information about your condition as well as treatment options if the condition is not critical. If the condition is severe, a US expert will assist you in this matter. To learn more, visit the MediPocket website.


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Telehealth Consent Form

  1. I hereby authorize Health Care Services to use the telehealth practice platform for telecommunication for evaluating, testing and diagnosing my medical condition.
  2. I understand that technical difficulties may occur before or during the telehealth sessions and my appointment cannot be started or ended as intended.
  3. I accept that the professionals can contact interactive sessions with video call; however, I am informed that the sessions can be conducted via regular voice communication if the technical requirements such as internet speed cannot be met.
  4. I understand that my current insurance may not cover the additional fees of the telehealth practices and I may be responsible for any fee that my insurance company does not cover.
  5. I agree that my medical records on telehealth can be kept for further evaluation, analysis and documentation, and in all of these, my information will be kept private.

Benefits Of It

A medical second opinion gives you a new perspective, confidence, peace of mind on the health situation at hand. It provides clarity and options on current course of treatment. At times there can be several ways to treat a specific condition. Now you can access a second opinion from the best USA hospitals in the world without the need of flying and spending a fortune

When You Need It

  • Your diagnosis is unclear

  • You’re not responding to a treatment as expected

  • Doctor mentions the following words: Rare, Life-Threatening or Risky

  • You’ve lost confidence in your medical care provider

Second Opinion

The opinion of a doctor other than the patient’s current doctor is Second Opinion. The second doctor reviews the patient’s medical records and gives an opinion about the patient’s health problem, diagnosis and how it should be treated.


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